Indemnitor Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of the Indemnitor/Cosigner to see that the premium is paid and the defendant appears in court. The Indemnitor must bring the defendant into our offices within 24 hours of their release for an interview, instructions and to complete the paperwork.


A bail bond is an appearance bond and is good for one year. If the case continues longer than a year, an additional premium is due and is collected for each additional year.THESE PREMIUMS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. Any expenses incurred in the transaction of a bail bond are to be paid by the indemnitor to the bail agent. This is regulated by the State of Washington and are the same for every Bail Bond company.


If the defendant or Indemnitor changes addresses, phone numbers or employment, it is the responsibility of the Indemnitor to notify us within 48 hours.



The defendant is obligated by the bail agreement to appear at each court appearance required by the court. The failure to do so will result in the FORFEITURE OF THE BOND.  As an indemnitor, you would be required to IMMEDIATELY bring the defendant in to either reinstate the bond or surrender them back into custody.


In case of a FORFEITURE and SUMMARY JUDGMENT, it is the duty of theINDEMNITOR to pay the full amount of the bail. Failure to act immediately can add up court costs and expenses/fees if legal action is taken. The law provides that the associated expenses can not exceed the face amount of the bond.



You are no longer liable for the defendant’s bond when they have completed all of their court appearances, and when all premiums and expenses have been paid. In the event of FORFEITURE, the indemnitor is liable until the full penal amount of the bail has been paid or the defendant properly appears in court. The bond will then be exonerated and you will no longer be liable.


If you have any questions please contact A Plus Bail Bonds at any time.