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At A-Plus Bail Bonds in Washington state, our goal is to make the jail release process as quick, simple, and stress-free as possible. We guide you through every step of the process with patience, expertise and confidentiality. Bringing Loved Ones Together in a Difficult Time is Our Profession. Our Passion & OUR PLEASURE!

Some Things To Know To Prepare For Our Call:

  • We will need to determine who will be cosigning for the defendant’s release.
  • We require a fee, 10% of the total bond amount (called a premium).
    This fee is the same for ALL Bail Bond Agencies because it is regulated by the Washington State Insurance Commissioner.
  • We will need to meet with the cosigner and the defendant to fill out the necessary remaining paperwork.
  • We provide the following bail bonds: Appeal Bonds, Appearance Bonds and Signature Bonds.

Bail bonds by phone: Call 1-888-694-6008 now!
For Immediate 24 Hour Service, Please call our toll free number

What Our Clients Are Saying

“These guys are great! My husband was arrested , I was frantic, tried going to figure it out myself down at the jail after calling and getting frustrated. Luckily A+ was open and right across the street from the jail and they took care of me. They knew just what to do and it was really easy and quick. And best of all they had my husband out super fast . And they gave us an awesome tshirt.”

 Another Satisfied A-Plus Client

“Very fast and very professional people. Everything was easy and went smooth.

Very quick turn around time.”

Another Satisfied A-Plus Client

“I am so grateful for the staff of A+ bail bonds. After being turned away from four other bail bond agents and nearly in a total melt down, I pleaded for help with A+ and the staff actually went into Clark county corrections personally to sort out my husband’s bail order… he was released only one hour after I signed his bond!!!”

Another Satisfied A-Plus Client


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