Bail Bonds Attorney Referrals

Washington State Bail Bond Attorney Referrals

Need an Attorney to Help Defend Your Case?

At A-Plus Bail Bonds, we strongly believe that it is in our client’s best interests to hire a good attorney to defend their case. Hiring a good criminal defense lawyer is critical to the success of your case. Having an experienced attorney puts you in the best position to outright win your case or get your case mitigated down to an agreement that provides the best deal possible. At A-Plus Bail Bonds, we know the legal community and refer our clients to the best local attorneys with proven track records who will ensure that you end up with the best legal outcome. If you are seeking private legal counsel, we have provided a list of attorneys on this page of the top criminal attorneys in each county we serve. You can give them a call to set up a free consultation.

At A-Plus Bail Bonds, we want our clients to succeed not only in their court cases but in life as well. We realize that many of our clients may suffer from alcohol abuse problems, substance abuse problems, and mental health problems. We encourage our clients to seek help to address these problems so that you can live a happier and more positive life. This page also contains a list of some of the best local treatment programs available to help turn your life around and make your momma proud.

Clark County

Jack Green 360-694-8718

Aaron Ritchie: 360-694-8718

James “Jeff” Sowder: 360-695-4792

Shon Bogar 360-695-0088

David McDonald 503-226-0188

Matt Hoff: 360-693-6228

David Loos: 360-694-8718

Clallam County

Stan Myers: 360-707-4135

Harry Gasnick:


Cowlitz County

Jack Green: 360-694-8718

Aaron Ritchie:

Matt Hoff: 360-693-6228

Jefferson County

Richard Davies:

Joseph Schodowski:

Skamania County

Jack Green: 360-694-8718

Aaron Ritchie:


Spokane County

Steve Graham:

Christian Phelps:


Stevens County

Steve Graham:


Walla Walla, Benton, Franklin & Columbia Counties

Walla Walla DUI and Criminal Attorney
Nicholas George
Walla Walla DUI & Criminal Attorney

Recommended Treatment Centers

Clark County, Cowlitz County, and Skamania County:

Starting Point (addiction treatment):

Serenity Lane Vancouver (addiction treatment):

Debbie Bashor (domestic violence treatment):

Columbia River Mental Health Services (mental health treatment):

Clallam and Jefferson County:

Bella Oxford House (addiction treatment):

Spokane and Stevens County:

ADEPT Assessment Center (addiction treatment):